Tbilisi Landslide Disaster Georgia

The Tbilisi Disaster occurred on 13th -14th of June 2015 when heavy rainfall over the Vere River basin resulted in a sudden large-scale rockslide in Tskneti which created a devastating Debris Flow which struck Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.

“According to official government figures, the flooding killed 19 people (a further 3 are missing), displaced 67 families and directly affected around 700 people. The flooding also destroyed much of Tbilisi’s zoo, killing most of the animals, and damaged around 40 roads, many homes and a variety of urban infrastructure and communication systems.” (UNDP TBILISI DISASTER NEEDS ASSESSMENT 2015)

During the reconstruction of the damaged roads in the area of Tskneti new rockfall hazards became a threat to the ongoing construction works and the new road. Therefore a rockfall protection system had to be designed.

Tskneti Landslide Project, Georgia


Client: MDF Georgia

Contractor: Caucasus Road Project

Design: Mountain Risk Consultancy 

Products installed:

Rockfall Protection Fences Tested according to ETAG 027

  • 350m of TSC-3000- ZD, h=5.0m 

Slope Stabilisation System

Services provided: 

  • Computer Rockfall Simulation
  • Design and Verification according ONR 24810 (Austrian Standard for Rockfall Protection)
  • Verification of soil nails and rock bolts
  • Service and Maintenance

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