Mountain Risk Consultancy

Natural Hazard Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction. We make prevention and mitigating of natural hazards and disasters managable and efficient – let us take care of unexpected occurrences!

What we do?

Our engineers support you in finding the right and efficient solution to protect your infrastructure and investment from natural hazards. We analyse hazard zones for rockfalls, landslides, debris flows and snow avalanches and design effective long term solutions combining technical structures and strategic tools.

What we offer?


Assessment, Consulting and Simulation


Design and Verification of systems



Early warning systems, UAV-Sensing



Documentation, Inspection, Verification

Our projects

Our Projects can be found in mountain regions all over the world where the effects of climate change such as intensive rainfall and erosion meets the increasing demand of land use by human civilisation. Take a closer look at our latest project in the higher Himalayan region in Nepal where earthquake induced rockfall in the combination with monsoon climate created serious problems and massive damage at a hydropower plant.

Our engineers are here to provide you with more information, answer any question you may have and create an effective solution for your needs.

Mountain Risk Consultancy

Engineering company for natural hazards, civil engineering and water management

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