Rockfall and Avalanche Hazard Zone Mapping, Russia

Russia is well know to have the largest railway network in the world. Most of its network runs through wild landscapes like the Ural mountain range or Siberia. Many areas of the railway network of Russia are affected by natural hazards like snow avalanches, rockfall or debris flows. Those hazards could cause serious accidents by blocking or damaging the rails which could be the reason for a derailing of a train.

In order to assess the risky areas and to define the hazards our experts were requested to visit the Southern Ural mountains to provide their expertise.

Hazard Zone Mapping, Ural Mountains, Russia


Client: RZD

Contractor: Trumer Schutzbauten Rus

Design: Mountain Risk Consultancy 

Services provided: 

  • Definition of hazard zones
  • Description of design events for avalanche and rockfall
  • Recommendation for protection structures
  • Topographical positioning of protection systems

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