Ongoing Monitoring for Debris Flood and Flood Protection Dams, Municipality Service Austria

In Austria hundreds of mountain villages and municipalities are protected by several thousand of debris flow and flood protection dams. The construction of those special dams which aim to stabilize torrents, to filter, retain or dose debris flow or flood events started many decades ago and is still ongoing. In order to ensure the proper functionality of those important structures they have to be monitored and maintained frequently according to the ONR guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the protection system operator to establish a maintenance strategy based on the requirements for safety, efficiency, category of structures and the financial resources. 

The Mountain Risk Consultancy supports protection system operators to find the right strategy and to undertake the frequent inspections of the structures to evaluate structural stability and serviceability.

Assessment and Ongoing Monitoring of Debris Flood and Flood Protection Dams, Austria


Client: Municipalities


Services provided: 

  • Database and structure registry

  • Inspection and ongoing monitoring

  • OM documentation

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